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Blush by Us Angels

The dress is one of the best items of clothing a girl can own. You can amp up the style for the event or pair it down for a more casual outing. It's a fashion do whether you're dressing yourself or child. That's what makes dress shopping so much fun.

Blush by Us Angels at has a simply heavenly collection of little girls dresses that won't make you turn red. On the contrary, they will make you smile. You'll discover sweet, simple styles that are timeless. A Blush by Us Angels dress can be ideal for school, a party or a special event.

Choose from solids, stripes, ruffles and even lace. If you're shopping for an Easter or Christmas dress, Blush by Us Angels has a dress for you.

At Best Dressed Child, dress shopping is everything it should be. Great styles to pick from that make you go, "wow."