BDC Style Club

Boys' Size 4 - 14 Outerwear

There's something about kids and rain, isn't there? Somehow, they don't mind wet hair or puddles. In fact, they downright revel in them. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to get them to wear the gear they should to keep them from getting cold. Thankfully, Best Dressed Child can help make that task somewhat easier with our selection of warm, dry and incredibly stylish coats and raincoats for your little guy. He'll go crazy for our dinosaur, astronaut, pirate and frog raincoats, depending what he's into right this red, hot minute. Also look for an adorable cowboy jacket complete with fringe for the aspiring ranch hand and a varsity letter jacket for future star athlete. We even carry a little aviator jacket and matching faux leather hat for the future Tom Cruises out there. But, never fear, we also have plenty of fleece hooded jackets and pea coats for the more refined boys. These coats and jackets are just like your own favorite styles, but in miniature.