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Boys' Size 4 - 14 Suits and Blazers

Clearly you have the most adorable boy in the entire world already, but Best Dressed Child is here to help you up the ante when it comes to special occasions. Find all the best in designer formal wear for your sweet boy at Best Dressed Child. Whether you're getting ready for a wedding, anniversary party or holiday dinner, we have everything you need to make him look his absolute best from top designers like Florence Eiseman and Monday's Child. From an incredible selection of accessories like bow ties, neck ties and belts to complete suits with pants and shorts, Best Dressed Child has your son covered. We even carry special holiday styles, as well as general formal wear. And don't forget to check out our line of suit jackets, some of which even include adorable elbow patches. With a little help from Best Dressed Child, your Dapper Dan will easily become the most dapper kid at the event.