BDC Style Club

Boys 4 - 14 Accessories

Every boy deserves to look sharp and snappy sometimes! Why should girls get to hog all the fashion fun? Shop The Best Dressed Child for great boy's accessories to finish off the ensemble, like bow ties, neckties and belts.

There is something so profoundly adorable about a dapper young man in a suit. And oh goodness, does your heart melt when there's a bow tie involved, too! They don't even need a jacket. Just the Oxford shirt and the bow tie can break a mama's heart. Don't grow up so fast! But grow they must, so why not look stylish, too. Great prints and colors give you several style options to find the one that's just right.

A little less formal than a bow tie, but just as cute, are our little boys neckties. He'll look like dad headed off to the office and be ready to dominate the wedding reception dance floor all at the same time. You'll both love the mix of classic and modern prints.

Don't forget a belt! It plays a pretty crucial role after all. They can be quite fashionable, too. Get one to support your boy's future alma mater or stick with a plain style for versatility.