BDC Style Club

Girls 4 - 6X Skirts & Skorts

Hooray for skirts! They swirl when she twirls. They allow her to move about freely. They let her legs breathe in warm weather. And they're just plain pretty - especially the skirts at The Best Dressed Child.

We have a great selection of skirts suitable for a day at school, an adventure in the forest, a backyard tea party or a holiday shindig. We have a skirt to suit your little girl no matter her taste. Pair a ruffled skirt with a T-shirt for a great everyday outfit or choose tulle or sequins for a fancier feel.

With skirts available with ruffles, pleats, tiers and knitted patterns, the outfit combinations are endless! Our designs range from solid colors to plaid, animal prints and ornate patterns.

For the girl who's always doing cartwheels, skorts are a perfect addition to her wardrobe - allowing her to show off her skills without showing off her undies.

Even when the temperature is chilly, skirts can be worn over leggings to dress up those winter duds. Skeggins are also available, combining leggings with ruffled skirts for those cooler months. What more could you ask for?