BDC Style Club

Tweens 7 - 16 Sweaters

Once the cool weather sets in, it's time to break out the sweaters and layer up! She'll stay warm outdoors, but can adjust her temperature accordingly when she comes inside, keeping her more comfortable, but just as fashionable. Shop dozens of cardigans, boleros and shrugs from The Best Dressed Child, available in sizes 7-16.

The quintessential autumn wardrobe should include at least one cardigan sweater, if not two! These versatile pieces of clothing can more or less be dressed up or dressed down, depending on her style preference that day. They look great with jeans and a T-shirt, with a skirt or even a dress. Staple solid colors takes the versatility one step farther.

For a dressier layered look, a bolero is the way to go. With just one button at the top, it won't cover the front of her shirt or dress, but will still keep her warm and comfortable. Solid colors are the name of the game here so they don't detract any attention from the pattern of her dress or skirt.

And if she's not feeling buttons at all, we have the ever-trusty shrugs in stock! Like a buttonless bolero, shrugs hit above the waist, ideal if she's wearing a dress or skirt.