BDC Style Club

Girls 4 - 6X Tops

From the bottom to the top, we believe that even kids can enjoy high-quality clothing! Kids are active, so you need clothes that are made well and last long. Shop The Best Dressed Child for girls 4X-6X boutique shirts, blouses and other tops!

You can't go wrong with the essential T-shirt. Whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved, T-shirts are easy, stress-free and an outfit staple she can throw on quickly if grandma stops by. You'll both love the whimsical prints and appliques featuring animals, trees and big bold words. Don't miss the holiday shirts! They're a fast and festive way to get into the holiday spirit wherever you go.

Tunics are all the rage right now for big girls and grown-ups, why not let the littles in on the fun? These longer shirts pair great with a set of leggings or a cute skirt. You'll love the ruffle embellishments and varied hems. 

Need to get dressed up for a special occasion? Check out our selection of blouses that can be paired with a skirt or pair of pants as an alternative ensemble to a dress.