BDC Style Club

Tween 7 - 16 Outwear

Fashion doesn't stop with just your tween girl's clothes - you should consider outwear as well! At The Best Dressed Child, our collection of jackets, coats, vests and capes for girls sizes 7-16 lets her show off a whole other layer of style and make a fashionable first impression.

Shop our fleece casual jackets with hoods for those everyday errands that don't require a lot of fuss. They'll keep her warm from whatever wind Mother Nature can blow your way! Shop our hooded rain slickers as well for ultimate protection from the element. Don't like hoods? No problem! We also have several coats that come with a matching hat instead.

When she's all dressed up and ready to go, she is going to need a great coat to go with her dress. Shop stylish jackets with trendy prints or fabrics to complement how fancy she feels. Make sure you pair an A-line flair skirt or dress with the same style jacket so you don't smash the skirt beneath! Some of these jackets are so cute, even you'll be jealous of them. Shop several different hem lengths for the appropriate season.