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Katie & Company / Gordon & Company

Dressing little girls and boys for special occasions is so much fun. Whether it's an Easter outfit, a wedding or Christmas, Katie & Company and Gordon & Company from have a charming array of outfits for little ones that will make you smile.

Gordon & Company has such adorable suits for infants, toddlers and boys. Whether you are looking for short suits or long pants, you'll find it. Forget about the department store standby of a polo and khakis and discover a whole new world of dress clothes for boys. Top off a suit with a bow tie for a touch of classic sophistication.

Katie & Company is the go to designer for traditional girls' dresses that are simply enchanting. These styles are always in the height of fashion and will have your little girl looking like the lady she is.

For special occasions, Best Dressed Child will have your kids reigning supreme.