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Le Top Bebe Layette

When you're getting ready for the new arrival, layette shopping is simply divine. Even when you are shopping for someone else's infant, it's fun. Let's face it. Baby clothes are adorable and Le Top Baby Layette at has so many fabulous items that you will have trouble deciding.

Le Top has a darling selection of baby knit layettes for both baby boys and girls. There are also stylish unisex sweaters as well as traditional pink and blue outerwear for babies. Enchanting rompers and two-piece sets are available for baby boys and girls. And hats! You can't forget the hat for baby.

They are beyond adorable and always garner smiles. When kids are older, they tend to shun hats. However, most babies don't seem to mind this accessory. Of course, hats are important for infants because they lose heat from their head and need the protection from the sun. While hats are functional, there's nothing preventing them from being amazingly endearing too.

Enjoy Le Top Baby Layette and start filing those drawers with endearing outfits and savoring those cuddly moments with baby.