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Toddler Boys Pants and Pant Sets

Play date coming up? Let your toddler boy run around in style with pants and sets from The Best Dressed Child. Shop our collection for a coordinating set or perfect pair of pants for your toddler boy.

When things are crazy busy in the morning, cut out the middle man - choice! You don't have to stare at the dresser wondering how to make your little man Instagram-worthy for the day. Shop our sets for pre-coordinated outfits in all sorts of prints with all sorts of tops. Find prints for automobiles, animals, sports, holidays, super heroes and more. Long pants paired with long sleeves are made for those crispy autumn afternoons.

Does he prefer to choose for himself? Let him at it! Our single pairs of pants come in a variety of styles and colors for mixing and matching with is favorite shirts - even if he wants to wear that goofy dinosaur one for the third week in a row. Find pants for story hour, for grandma's birthday or any other occasion in between.