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Toddler Boys Swimwear

Get out there and catch some waves with your favorite toddler boy this summer! Or if you're lucky to live somewhere warm year-round, have him come down and pay you a visit sometime! At The Best Dressed Child, we all know how fun it can be to hang out with your family - let that fun reflect in your little man's swim trunks! Shop great styles and prints on trunks, rash guards and more.

Swimming trunks, of course, are no stranger to the ocean. If he loves the beach as much as we do, he'll love the crab, whale and shark prints while you'll love their quality-made fabric. Continue with the sea theme with anchors, sail boats, fish and even dinosaurs that live at the beach! Not a fan of animal prints? We have solids, color blocking, plaid, stripes and more to choose from.

To protect your boy's tummy from a rough tumble in the waves, pick up a rash guard. These shirts act like a barrier to the sun as well, saving him the occasional accidental sunburn. He'll love feeling like a surfer, and you'll love the bright colors, because it makes him easier to spot in the water while playing!