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Toddler Boys Sweaters / Sweater Vests

What's more adorable than a little boy in a sweater vest? Absolutely nothing! Vests always seem so classic and serious, but on a toddler, they're fun again.

Here at The Best Dressed Child, we have a collection of sweaters and sweater vests that will keep your little guy feeling cozy and looking debonair. Shop classic patterns like argyle and stripes as well as fun appliques incorporated into the design of our sweaters.

Get him a button-up cardigan to throw on over a T-shirt and jeans for a chilly evening outdoors, or a cozy pullover sweater to wear while cheering on the home team at a fall football game.

Our sweater vests are perfect for Easter Sunday or a hitting the links with Daddy. Either way, he's sure to look like the perfect little gentleman (even if he does have a frog sticking out of his back pocket.)

You'll also find a selection of adorable holiday sweaters here at The Best Dressed Child.

Many of these boutique sweaters are also available in infant sizes, making it easy to coordinate outfits with baby brother!