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Girls 7 - 14 Short Sets

Since when did tween girls have cuter shorts than the grownups? At The Best Dressed Child, even we can't help but wish a few of these came in our size as well. Shop our collection of quality designer shorts, including sets!

From dressy sets to board shorts, we have a little bit of everything in our stock. Pre-matched outfits take out the outfit guesswork, but can be mixed and matched with her own tops and shorts at home, too! Super casual board shorts are great for running around in the summer sun or for wearing along with bathing suit bottoms while playing in the surf.

You'll be amazed at the style, print, pattern and material variety in our stock of tween shorts. Big, bold prints and colors are very on-trend, while ruffles and fringe add a little something extra to make the colors pop even more. From plain, simple construction to lace embellishments and color blocking, there aren't many more trends we've missed!