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Tweens 7 - 16 Skirts & Skorts

Skirts have long been an essential building block in a woman's wardrobe, especially for girls! Shop The Best Dressed Child for fashionable skirts and skorts for tween girls sizes 7-16. She can run and play, twirl and dance, while feeling like a pretty princess all at once.

Pick a hemline, any hemline! From cute tutus to maxi skirts and everything in between, there has to be something that catches her eye - and probably yours as well! These adorable skirts feature dozens of colors, patterns and prints that you yourself might want to take home. Shop our skirt sets as well so you don't have to worry about mixing, matching or being trendy - we've already taken care of that for you.

The details are really where it's at. Ruffles and tiers are executed flawlessly, while scalloped hems loop gracefully along the hem. She'll love the animal and plaids as well as graphic prints and sequins. When in doubt, opt for sparkle and a flouncy hem for optimum dancing opportunity.

If she's a really active dancer, or a fan of doing gymnastics in the front yard, blend the best of shorts and skirts together and get her a delightful combination skort. Essentially a pair of shorts with a skirt overlay in the front, skorts give the appearance of a skirt with the movement freedom of a pair of shorts. It's a win-win!