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Baby Clothes and Children's Clothing Size Charts

Here we post the size charts that have been provided by the various manufacturers. If a manufacturer is not listed here they have not furnished a size chart. There are slight differences between vendors -- and since each child is unique -- we cannot (and the vendors do not) guarantee the fit of a garment or pair of shoes.
Adorable Originals
Angel Baby Shoes - Styles 2157 / 2184 / 2342 / 2945
L'Amour / Angel Baby Shoes - Styles 3890 / 3347
Angel Baby Shoes - Style 3328 / C300
Angel Baby Fisherman Sandals - Girls/Boys - Style C2089
Bear Feet Shoes
Biscotti / Kate Mack
Blush / Us Angels
Flap Happy Swimwear and Hats
Florence Eiseman
Frances Johnston/SIMI/Betti Terrell
Jefferies Socks
Katie & Co. / Gordon & Co.
Kissy Kissy Sizing
L'Amour Shoes Styles 837 / 5012
L'Amour Baby  - Style C330
L'Amour Boys Fisherman Sandals - Style N920
L'Amour Mary Jane shoes - Style C500
L'Amour Girls Sandals - Styles C404 / C600 / C700
Le Top Baby/Layette
Le Top Boy/Girl
Le Za Me
Magnolia Baby Sizing
Malley & Co.
Max & Dora Sizing
Mustard Pie Sizing
New ICM Diaper / Panty Covers
Peaches 'n Cream Sizing
Petit Ami
Rosalina Sizing
Sarah Louise
Sara's Prints Pajamas
Snapping Turtle Kids
Vive la Fete Collegiate NCAA Licensed Hand Smocked Clothing
Widgeon Outerwear
Willits Shoes
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