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Best Dressed Child Exclusives

Make sure your child is always wearing something unique by shopping our comprehensive collection of exclusive limited-edition designs. At The Best Dressed Child, we know how important it is for your favorite little one to stand out in a sea of sameness; thatís why weíve put together this massive selection of outfits that isnít readily available to the general public.

Choose between Funtasia summer outfits for boys, Vive La FÍte dresses for little ladies and much more to create a customized wardrobe for your favorite kid. Our inventory of exclusive kidsí clothing is constantly rotating so we can maintain a fresh selection and avoid over-selling a limited edition outfit. You never know what youíll find; all we can tell you is that the designs you see here are exclusive offerings from the hottest names in childrenís clothing. Like every item we offer, these limited edition kidsí clothes are made from the finest materials that will help ensure your child stays in style without sacrificing his or her comfort.