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Boys Shirts

For great tops and shirts, why would you take fashion advice from anyone other than The Best Dressed Child? Shop our collection of boutique designer shirts and onesies for your baby boy.

Have you heard about the greatest clothing invention of all time? It's the shirtzie! You've never seen your baby boy look so dapper than you will in one of these. Part onesie, part dress shirt, the shirtzie really does combine the best of both worlds, giving you the secure comfort of a onesie with the dressy fashion of an Oxford shirt. Shop prints and solid pastels - the same thing you would expect out of dad's dressy wardrobe. Instant mini-me!

Fashionable dress shirts abound at The Best Dressed Child. Our button-downs will make your babe ready for that important board meeting with his plushes, or for his first walk down the aisle as a ring bearer. A great selection of polos keep the dressy a little casual, so he's ready to hit the links after naptime.

Of course, life isn't all about being dressed up all the time. Check out our great short- and- long-sleeved T-shirts with bright, colorful prints, and popular themes like nautical, animals, farms, holidays and more.