BDC Style Club

Proper Peony

With's Proper Peony, you will discover delightfully classic styles for boys and girls. Some styles are eternal and when done the proper way, they can be both contemporary and traditional at the same time.

Proper Peony has an enchanting assortment of boys and girls clothes that are simply adorable. Many of Proper Peony's designs contain hand-embroidered detail that adds to the beauty of the clothing.

There are charming dresses, bubbles and bloomers for infant and toddler girls. These are ideal for every day and offer babies comfort and style as they explore their new environment. Proper Peony also has fabulous holiday dresses for baby too.

Boys will be active in the longalls, shortalls and bubbles. The cut and style allows baby boys to discover their surroundings all while looking absolutely adorable so that mommy can snap some pictures.

Everything about Proper Peony clothing for kids is properly delightful.