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Smocked Clothing

For a sweet and traditional look, dress your child in smocked clothing. Smocked clothing styles include any combination of pleats, embroidered bands, collars or smocks. is pleased to offer a large selection of smocked dresses and clothes for boys and girls. The traditionally styled outfits are perfect for everyday use and we offer plenty of different designs that can be worn all year round.

For girls, smocked dresses are sure to be a hit. The beautiful gowns come in long-sleeve, short-sleeve and sleeveless styles to keep your daughter comfortable in any weather. Choose a beautiful red dress for Christmas or a pastel sleeveless dress for the summer. Many of the smocked dresses for girls include interesting details such as embroidered bands, collars and skirt hems.

Smocked dresses for girls typically fall to the knees on most average-sized children. The traditional dresses include plenty of room in the skirt to allow for running and playing without hindering movement. Smocked dresses are ideal for everyday use or for special occasions.

We also carry smocked boys clothing. John-johns are a popular one-piece style that resembles overalls with or without a built-in undershirt. John-johns usually feature a richly detailed embroidered band across the chest and decorative buttons on either shoulder. We also carry adorable shortalls, bubbles, rompers and more in the popular smocked style. Our boys' smocked clothing will emphasize the sweetness of your son. The designs are simple and will not hinder your child's movement. Little boys can freely move, explore and play while wearing the adorable designs.

Our smocked clothing pieces are made by some of the most popular designers in the children's fashion industry such as Anavini, Claire & Charlie, Petit Bebe, Sarah Louise, Petit Ami and more. These designers are known for creating fashionable, comfortable clothing that is durable and well-made. You'll love both the style and the quality of our smocked children's clothing.

Choose for the best selection of smocked clothing for your children. Our incredible collection of high-quality garments is fashionable and affordable. Stock up on all of your favorite styles today.