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Tops & Blouses

From the bottom to the top, your little girl will love it when you shop at The Best Dressed Child. Get the basics and more all in one spot!

Mom has the LBD, but your growing girl surely should have the LPT - the Little Perfect Turtleneck. The basic white turtleneck is a closet must-have for children and adults alike. They slip under tunics, jumpers, dresses and more in a snap, taking what may have been a summer outfit to winter. Turtlenecks overall, though, are a known staple in any autumn wardrobe. They keep the neck warm without being too heavy on the torso like a sweater. Say goodbye to those pesky bursts of wind! Nothing's getting through a turtleneck - especially not one with a cute flower on it.

Shop shirts for the holidays, too! Every darling little witch needs her black cat, sometimes they just happen to be a on a shirt! And you'll never want for Christmas clothes with our shirts, dresses and more at The Best Dressed Child. Don't forget a white turtleneck is a perfect complement to a red and/or green jumper. Holiday fashion without the fuss!