BDC Style Club

Boats & Sailing / Nautical

There's nothing much cuter than a little sailor suit for both boys and girls alike. Aboard the SS Style at The Best Dressed Child, you'll find fashions for every adventure on the high seas. Check out our blue poplin smocked sailboat shortall overall set for boys, embellished with little white sailboats. We also have light blue, navy blue, or white button on rompers with the traditional wide white collar and sailor cravat. And if your adventurer wants to go searching the waves for buried treasure, we have just the set of royal blue swim trunks.

For girls, a blue gingham seersucker smocked sailboat sundress keeps your young miss at the top of the fashion charts while still being comfortable and practical. Want a little more flair? Check out the red-and-white striped sailor dress with polka-dot shirt and white leggings. The sailor cravat is made shorter and stylized for a cute and unexpected collar.

Styles are from designers Anavini, Cukees, Le Top, Petit Ami, and Petit Bebe. Fashionable names you can trust.