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Books to Bed Sleepwear

There's nothing quite like reading a bedtime story with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or other beloved figures in a child's life. These are small moments that become cherished childhood memories and lead to a lifetime love of reading and learning that can pay huge dividends later on in life.

But, for now, your little snugglebug is home with you and ready to read, read, read. Reading books with children before bed also helps them wind down , which is sometimes no easy task. That's in part why we love the pajama and book sets from Books to Bed. They are ingenious, really. The folks at Books to Bed have combined cherished storybook favorites, like Goodnight Moon, Angelina Ballerina, Holiday Snowmen, 12 Days of Christmas and The Knights and The Dragons, along with themed pajamas. That means if the little boy or girl in your life has a book he or she absolutely loves, you can get matching pajamas to wear while you read together.

The pajamas are 100% cotton.