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Girls Cover Ups / Rash Guards / Beach Towels

When it's time to head to the beach for summer or winter getaway fun, it's important to pack all the essentials. has a fabulous collection of summer wear that includes the all-important girls swim cover-ups. The beach can get chilly and beach cover-ups for kids are a must-have. They offer protection from excessive sun as well as that breezy wind that always comes in off the surf.

Board shorts are a hot trend and they aren't just for boys. Girls love to boogie board and body surf just like the guys. Board shorts are extremely comfortable and are a much better choice for water sports since they don't ride up. Best Dressed Child has stylish board shorts that are functional and fashionable too.

For many kids, an afternoon in the sand, surf and sun can get really uncomfortable. Whether it's one trigger of a combination, many kids often get rashes on various body parts that can take the fun out of an afternoon at the beach.

Best Dressed Child has stylish rash guard suits that will let your child enjoy an afternoon at the beach or pool just like everyone else