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Girls Swimsuits - One Piece

Shouldn't little girls' swimsuits look like, well, a swimsuit for a young girl? Swimsuits really shouldn't be a mini version of a grownup's bathing suit. At, you will find a dazzling selection of one piece girls' swimsuits that are fashionable, functional and of course, age-appropriate.

The Best Dressed Child carries the top brands in one-piece swimsuits including Kate Mack, Isobella & Chloe, Roxy Girl, Downeast and more. This enchanting collection includes a wide selection of adorable suits that are simply charming.

The colors are bright and enticing while the designs offer things that little girls adore like fish, flowers, stripes and polka dots. There are styles that boast a ruffle and those that come without. Either suit is downright adorable. You will undoubtedly have a difficult time choosing just one.