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Children's Accessories

Accessories make the look. Whether it's a hair bow, barrette or hat, accessories complement an ensemble and help it go from nice to fabulous. And who doesn't want to look fabulous? has an amazing collection of accessories that will have your child being the best dressed child in the room.

A hat or headband can really add that special touch to an outfit and you will love the assortment of hats and hair accessories at Best Dressed Child. There are adorable infant and toddler hats as well as a collection of stylish hats for girls.

You will also discover a selection of headbands for babies and older girls that are simply enchanting. Little girls want to be just like mom and carry a purse too. Best Dressed Child has a delightful selection of purses and handbags for little ones.

Best Dressed Child makes it simple and easy to accessorize your children for holidays, special occasions and any day that ends in y!