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Jak & Peppar - Tweens

There comes a time in every girl's life when she stops accepting the outfits that mom lays out for her. Shopping trips turn from mom picking the clothes to arguments over what is going to go home into the closet. Being a tween is tough on both ends. Tweens want control over their wardrobe and moms don't want their daughters looking like mini adults. That's where Jak & Peppar steps in. has a collection of styles for tween from Jak & Peppar that are just plain cool. They are stylish and fun clothing choices that make tweens smile and moms breathe a sigh of relief. There are tunic, leggings, dresses and beyond that let developing young ladies explore their own sense of style.

Tweens are moving from the sweet array of ruffles and bows to something that offers more sophistication and edge. Jak and Peppar embrace that feeling of burgeoning independence while still letting young girls be young girls.

Both mothers and daughters will love the eclectic style of Jak and Peppar that will take the stress out of clothes shopping with tweens. Imagine picking out school clothes without the eye rolls. It is possible.