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Kate Mack Fall / Winter Clothing & Coats

There's something exciting about shopping for new sweaters and coats for the upcoming fall and winter season. It's fun when you're a grownup, but the thrill takes on a whole new level when you have children to shop for. Kate Mack is one of the top children's clothes designers and has a dazzling array of clothes and coats for girls that are absolutely adorable.

Many moms want their little girls to dress like little girls. They shy away from outfits that mimic adult styles that may not be age-appropriate for kids. Kate Mack takes that idea to heart because their creations are darling designs that are traditional, but with a contemporary flare.

You'll find delightful coats for girls that are fashionably sweet. They will work for a special occasion as well as for casual cold weather wear.

Best Dressed Child's Kate Mack's clothing offers items for infants through tweens that are fun, colorful and enchanting. Choose from tunics, leggings, shirts, skirts, two-piece sets and even hats. Pair a darling Kate Mack coat with a hat and you have a holiday card photograph in the making.

Your little girl will adore her Kate Mack clothes as much as you do. She will be the most stylish girl on the block.