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Maggie Breen Tween Clothing by Funtasia

Don't let dress shopping for an upcoming special event of holiday with your tween turn into an argument filled, eye-rolling exhibition. Shopping for clothing should be fun. However, girl hit an age where they don't want mom's advice anymore when it comes to their clothing. Parents, of course, understand that their girls are growing up, but still want their clothes to be age-appropriate. has amazing tween special occasion dresses including Maggie Breen Tween Clothes by Funtasia. Here, you'll discover stylish dresses that are contemporary as well as tasteful. Young girls won't look like a smaller version of a celebrity on the red carpet. The dress choices offer bright colors in solids or patterns. You'll find the popular chevron pattern, florals and even a fun zebra print.

Cuts include chic bell sleeves and the very in flounce style. Your tween will undoubtedly find the perfect special occasion dress that will have both of you feeling satisfied. There's also short cardigans or bolero sweaters that will go perfectly with a sleeveless dress.