BDC Style Club

Peaches 'n Cream

Festive colors and whimsical patterns define our collection of Peaches 'n Cream dresses, adorable tunic sets and separates for infant, toddler and growing girls at The Best Dressed Child. Fun flourishes add an intentionally playful signature to Peaches 'n Cream apparel in soft cotton for comfort and durability.

The American children's fashion house offers a delightful array of shorts sets and dresses in patriotic colors for 4th of July celebrations. Sweet, spunky shorts and tops with watermelon-pattern pockets and other summer motifs in pastels or bold colors often feature layers of contrasting designs. A favorite is the Peaches 'n Cream birthday cup top and pants with a raised icing design on the applique cupcake.

When you order from The Best Dressed Child, you receive only the finest boutique children's wear from the world's top girl and boy fashion designers. We have an international reputation for outstanding customer service. Consider our gift cards and signature gift-wrapping for summer celebrations and special occasions throughout the year. Also browse our unmatched collections of sunhats, sandals and other terrific accessories for your best-dressed little girl.