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Petit Bebe - Handsmocked by Anavini

Petit Bebe by Anavini has the most enchanting collection of hand-smocked dresses for infant and toddler girls as well as longalls and shortalls for boys. Smocked dresses are absolutely delightful on infant girls and toddlers. They are comfortable and come is such endearing colors that these dresses are perfect for holidays and special occasions. Yet, they are versatile enough to work for casual outings too.

The selection of Petit Bebe by Anavini smocked dresses is amazing. You'll find long-sleeves, short and sleeveless options that are ideal for year-round wear. Whether you love patterns or solids, has the design you want for your baby. They make great gifts too!

Boys' clothes are never boring with Petit Bebe by Anavini. Moms don't often get a lot of variety with infant and toddler clothes for boys. However, the opposite is true here. The longalls and shortalls are adorable and comfortable. They too will work for special dress up events as well as an everyday outing.