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Baby's First Portrait: Dressing Your Baby

Your baby's first official portrait session can be a nerve-wracking affair. You only have one chance to get everything just so. To guarantee a successful session with lots of lovely photos to share with family and friends, we've narrowed down a few top tips to cut down on the stress and make picking the perfect outfit a home run.

Go With Neutral Tones

Cute themes and unique outfits are a trendy portrait style at the moment. These ideas are great for the second (or third set of portraits if you're planning on them), but for the very first portraits we recommend going with neutral tones for the outfit, props and background. Neutral tones are timeless and elegant, while trendy themes will become dated and tiresome in a few years.

Neutral tones also keep the focus on what's most important: your baby! Brightly colored, patterned clothing can be distracting and will pull focus from your little one. Neutral shades and even pastels like ivory, light blue, light pink and tan can provide the right amount variance to make the pictures interesting while ensuring the star of the show is still your baby.

Choose Comfortable Outfits

A comfortable baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby is smiling baby, so leave the overly heavy gowns at home. Providing comfortable clothing that's light and soft will maximize your chances of getting a good shot without your baby fussy or pulling at the clothes.

Best Dressed Child has a beautiful selection of lightweight rompers, bubbles, short sets and short gowns that offer great options.

Multiple Outfits is Best

Plan on having more than one outfit to provide a little variety in the pictures. Having multiple outfits also means you're prepared with backup outfits should you need them.