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Royal Baby

Your new baby will feel delightfully regal in the high quality cotton layette and infant wear from Royal Baby at Whether you are a new mom shopping for the nursery, putting together a shower gift or a welcome home present, Royal Baby has some precious options for baby.

Layette items are lovingly made with the highest quality Peruvian pima cotton. Babies will savor the softness of the comfortable receiving blankets as they drift off into dreamland. Burping cloths are also soothing as sensitive cheeks nestle against them on mom or dad's shoulders.

Both the Royal Baby receiving blankets and burping cloths make excellent gifts. They are available in pink, blue or a unisex white.

Take-me-home sets are another fabulous gift idea. These also come in traditional colors for boys and girls. Other sweet layette picks include fancy socks and rompers for the new addition.

Treat your baby like a little prince and princess with Royal Baby! They're only this small once.