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Frances Johnston / Simi

When it comes to dress clothes for little boys and girls, Frances Johnston and Simi are the go to styles that will have your children looking amazing in their fancy dress clothes. Moms love to dress up their little ones, even if kids sometimes don't share the sentiment. However, Frances Johnston has fashionable traditional styles that look amazing and are comfortable too.

Frances Johnston dresses are classic girls' designs that are timeless. They are ideal for any holiday, wedding or special occasion. Sailor dresses are another elegant style that is ageless. It always looks adorable. Frances Johnston has darling sailor outfits for both girls and boys.

Looking for christening attire? Frances Johnston has silk dresses and boys sets that are ideal for christening or weddings.

Frances Johnston and Simi are synonymous with fine children's clothing and has the styles that will have your little ones dressed to the nines.