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Boys Smocked Swim Trunks

Smocked swim shorts are a classic style in boys' swimwear. They have a loose fitting, comfortable design that's super cute too! Best Dressed Child is pleased to offer brands like Anavini, Claire and Charlie, Cukees and Silly Goose.

Inspired by retro designs, we have striped and plaid styles in Bermuda cuts and regular cuts. The Bermuda shorts have a little extra length to them and offer more coverage for super sunny days. The regular cuts are shorter and give little boys plenty of space to run around in the sand. Every pair has an elastic waist and a draw string to keep them up.

Each of these smocked shorts has a little patch on the front with a special design. Some have the American flag, while others feature cute and colorful sea creatures like whales, crabs and starfish. Sailboats and anchors are available too!

Bright, sunny colors are a guarantee with our smocked swim trunks. Soothing ocean blue, tangy orange, turquoise, lime green and sandy beige are just a few of the colors available.