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If you've ever hesitated about buying holiday-inspired outfits for little ones because they'll only get a few wears out of them, then it's about time that you discovered Switch-a-Roo at Switch-a-Roo has a trademark designs that allows you to change up the outfits will appliqués.

Interesting right? You bet. You can take your toddler's red knit ruffle dress with the Santa patch and replace it with heart-topped cupcake for Valentine's Day. How about a pumpkin patch that gets switched for an apple?

Now, you get the idea. Switch-a-Roo sells adorable outfits for toddlers and young girls and boys as well as interchangeable patches that work with any ensemble. The result is an enchanting concept that allows parents to get the most out of their child's wardrobe. Gone are the one-wear holiday outfits. Back-to-school can go to fall and winter and then back again.

It's a really fun concept that puts a seasonal smile on kids' clothes!